I saved this site for one more year. We’ll see where it goes.

A week ago I was letting this site go. After four years of a website bearing my name, I decided I hadn’t made it amount to much beyond sharing my ramblings with a handful of people who already know and love me.

That’s okay because that’s what I intended it to be in the first place. Actually, I intended it to just be a creative space for me. I never really thought anyone else would read it.

In the eleventh hour, I couldn’t bear the idea of losing it before I gave it another shot, so I ponied up the few dollars it takes to keep the site alive for a year and decided I would really try to find a focus in the next year.

Since 2014 I’ve used this as a space to write about friendship, family, falling in love and things that upset me, both small and large. Some of it has been shared, some of it has barely been seen.

But it’s been a space where anyone who wanted to could follow along.

So I’m keeping it alive for at least one more year. I’m promising myself I’ll write more often and be okay with whatever response it does or doesn’t receive.

Writing has always been my outlet of choice. Whether I feel my writing is worth sharing has little bearing on my decision to do it.

But this site is good for me, if for no other reason than forcing myself to be a little more brave with things I write and share them even if I’m not convinced they’re worth it.

I guess this is basically a warning to the 80 or so people who get emails whenever I post here. I’m going to be publishing more and while nonfiction, biographical, reflective posts are my tendency, I have short stories, poems and just general musings in notebooks all over my home and I plan to let them spill over to this space.

If you’re not up for seeing more of that, more of me, this is your warning.

If you are, well, I’ll try not to disappoint you.