26 things i probably love enough to call my valentine

Because I’m single on Valentine’s Day and why the hell shouldn’t I make a list of things I love a lot?

1. The Carolinas: North and South. The way my heart feels when I cross the border of either one is how it should feel if I one day decide I like someone enough to marry him.
2. Peanut Butter. Enough said.
3. Reading a book so good I hope it never ends
4. The letter e, but only the lowercase kind unless it’s written in cursive
5. The time I spend trying to learn to play my guitar
6. When people remember music I like and recommend more like it, or play it because I’m around
7. Looking up awesome nike shoes on pinterest
8. The sound a coffee pot makes when it first starts brewing, a real coffee pot… not a keurig
9. Laughing really hard at things that aren’t even that funny but hit me just right
10. Carolina basketball, even when they kind of stink
11. Anything that is comically large or comically tiny
12. The football I got for Christmas that I didn’t ask for and I totally love
14. My birthday, your birthday, all the birthdays!
15. Sitting by a fire with good people
16. Making lists because I desperately want to be type A,
then losing lists because I’m hopelessly type B
17. Breaking News coverage
18. Long, random emails from my best friend that usually include a photo of a city neither of us call home
19. Anything honeysuckle scented
20. Long solo trail runs
21. Sprints around a track
22. Jumping over everything because I’m [possibly too] confident I can make it
23. Listening to old mixed CDs from high school
24. Shorts weather
25. Writing about anything even when it’s maddening, even when I can’t find the right words
26. My response to the ex who sent me a “happy valentines day” message