I’ve had this blog since mid 2012. Some of you may have known about it since just this morning. Therefore, I’ve decided to keep a running list of some of my most read posts. You’ll find those links below:

Why I don’t own a scale (Oct 2012)

Women’s equality day (Aug 2013)

Stadium sunrise (Sept 2013)

Tragedy and pop ups (Oct 2013)

Muggsy Bogues and other lies brothers tell (Oct 2013)

Laughing with Mamaw (Nov 2013)

Three things to do before 30 (Nov 2013)

After Sandy Hook (Nov 2013) 

You just save some numbers (Jan 2014)

Mr. McNitt brought me tiny motors (Jan 2014)

I once went to a model casting call (April 2014)

We always say ‘i love you’ now (May 2014)

Joe (Aug 2014)

The north is warmer than you’ve heard (Oct 2014)

My favorite veteran (Nov 2014)

I’m no expert on love (Feb 2015)

Just a technicality (April 2015)

How we learned to appreciate a budget

Teacher Appreciation, y’all!

RIP Oprah.The lost art of disliking something quietly

When you have to talk about tragedy with a teenager


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