It’s a…

I’ve never loved a rib cage before, but dammit, I saw the cutest rib cage on an ultrasound today and it belongs to our baby.

I cry easily. I cry when I’m sad, of course, but I also cry when I’m angry or when Publix makes a particularly poignant Christmas commercial.

It’s sort of my trademark.

Yet, in pregnancy, I’ve found I’m crying less than ever. There’s a lot less sadness in my heart these days, but even sappy songs aren’t getting to me. It’s the opposite of what I thought I was supposed to expect, but it’s a welcome break from what can only be described as a trait I’d love to be able to reel in on a regular basis.

I’ve been so filled with joy in these past few months that tears of all kinds seem much fewer and farther between.

I wrote and shared many ups and even more downs when we were trying to get to this place where we are now, but I haven’t written publicly in months. When things finally started to work out, I was still scared to share.

I’m almost 20 weeks pregnant and for about 18 I feel like I’ve been thrilled, while still holding my breath, waiting for a shoe to drop.

I’m almost halfway through the pregnancy and it still hasn’t dropped.

We’ve had several great milestones, but none that felt as good and real as today’s.

Today we saw tiny hands and feet, a precious face, leg and arm bones, a stomach, kidneys, a brain, a heart with a strong beat, even the cutest little spine and rib cage I’ve ever seen.

Today we cried more than we’ve cried in a while.

And it felt so good.

We can’t wait to meet her.



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