April 11

April 11.

Four years ago today, Russ tied a dozen or so notes we’d written each other and strings of lights to the trees by the creek at my mom and dad’s farm and got down on one knee and asked me, in the sweetest way, to marry him. As obnoxious as it sounds, I’d say yes to that again every day.

Today, I’m leaning on that memory. Because today, April 11, four years after that night, was supposed to be the day we got to meet our first baby – a baby we affectionately call “speck”. If I’d known it was the only name our baby would have, I would’ve chosen better.

We’ve been open about this whole process since the early stages and will continue to do so, because there are a lot of people with stories similar to ours and we don’t think anyone should have to feel alone in this. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but many people don’t feel they can speak about this kind of loss.

I’m frankly unwilling to be quiet about it. Today I don’t get to meet my baby, but that doesn’t change the feeling that I knew my baby and I love my baby. I know I always will. That may not make sense to some people, but if you’ve carried a baby or watched as your biggest dream shifted on a sonogram and heard its heart beating like nothing in the world could be wrong, you know.

Today, I’m sad. Most days I’m at least a little sad, but today it’s bigger. I’m sad because I remember the week we saw that heartbeat wasn’t as strong and speck didn’t seem to be growing. I’m sad because it’s been more than six months since that day and we haven’t seen another heartbeat on a sonogram since. I’m sad because being a mom is my greatest dream in life and something I took for granted as something I would just get to do.

I have been fundamentally changed by this process, as anyone is by grief.

I’m not at work today. I took the day off to just let myself feel whatever needs to be felt. This is a process and I don’t know what the right way to handle it is, but this is mine.

If you got this far, I’m asking you for a favor, hopefully a simple one – be patient with people. Be kind. Honor the fact that so many people, maybe even you, are fighting really challenging battles while still facing whatever daily routine is required of them. Just spread some love for me today.


  1. Nancy J LaFleur says:

    I love you more than you know! You have brought so much joy to our son and to our family. I also loved speck, loved him/her since the first time you told us…..I cry for my grandchild, I cry with you both for your sadness. You will both be the best parents, and cannot wait for that day to happen.
    Love you E ……


  2. Sharon Nadeau says:

    Love you guys to the moon and back ♥️ You are My favorites ♥️


  3. Pam Draper says:

    God knows your hearts dear ones and He also knows you two will be great parents. I know this is a sad time but I pray you keep your hope. We are praying for y’all and you mean so much to us as dear dear friends of our Lizzy and Jared. 🙏🙏🙏🙏


  4. Pam Draper says:

    I am so sorry. God knows your hearts and He also knows you two will be great parents. I know you will not lose hope. We are praying for y’all and y’all mean so much to us as dear friends of Jared and Lizzy.
    Love to you both
    Teddy and Pam


  5. Sheryl says:

    Love is spread!


  6. I will spread the love you so easily share and so readily feel. You are admired and loved.


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