I just found this in a drawer

I just found this in a drawer. I’d forgotten i bought it. Last July we briefly thought I was pregnant, thanks to either a faulty test or a chemical pregnancy. That week I went out and bought this book for our future son or daughter. I still can’t wait to introduce our kids to my hero someday.


  1. Leigh Howell says:

    Haha amazing. I can’t wait, E!



    Leigh Howell, MSSW Child Abuse Evaluation Specialist SAFEchild Advocacy Center SAFEchild, Inc. http://www.safechildnc.org



  2. Cori says:

    Oh yikes, the faulty test pregnancy limbo is the worst! I had one of those last year for three weeks. I will keep hoping for you that you’ll be able to share your hero with your future child! 🙂


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