I can do this!


I did it.

I survived my first night of giving myself shots and I didn’t even panic. I felt fine about it all day and there was a brief moment right before when I had to pause and just say aloud “this seemed less terrifying before I actually had to do it.” Then, dressed in my ugliest and comfiest shorts, I rolled up my shirt, bent over, pinched some stomach skin and just made it happen.

Having to focus on getting the injection right really helped distract me from my fear of needles.

Russ sat right there with me but I asked him just to talk to me. I think this will all be easier if I can control the situation.

There’s a long road ahead and a lot more shots, plus I’m told my stomach will bruise and it may be tougher once that happens, but getting over the fear of the first night was a big success.

I’m feeling really tough and proud right now.

I think I can handle this.


  1. Leigh Howell says:

    You got this and I love you



    Leigh Howell, MSSW Child Abuse Evaluation Specialist SAFEchild Advocacy Center SAFEchild, Inc. http://www.safechildnc.org



    1. elizabethws says:

      Love you Leigh Leigh!


  2. Cindy Sanders says:

    No question, You CAN do this. Mama is bursting with pride and love and support.


  3. elizabethws says:

    Thanks mom! Love you!


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