We went to Maine

This past weekend we flew up to New England to surprise my father-in-law for his 60th birthday. It was a blast and a half. My in-laws, who are always willing to show me new places up North took us up to Maine.

While in Kennebunkport we saw the wildly underwhelming Bush compound – I just feel like they could’ve picked a better color scheme, took a bunch of squinty and ill-framed selfies before realizing sunglasses would help and I ate lobster for the first time. Life hack: If you’re going to try lobster for the first time, do it in Maine. It’s delicious and light and as fresh as it gets up there.

I am a southern girl to the core. My family on both sides is from the Carolinas and I’ve been known to be obnoxiously proud of where I’m from, but MAN, it is SO cool to have a reason to visit another region of the country on as regular a basis as we can afford.

If we made a lot more money, we’d be up there even more often.

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