going for it

This is proving to be more of a challenge than I expected. Writing something worth sharing every single day is not easy. Each day my posts are getting later and later. I’ve found myself racking my brain for anecdotes from childhood, or unique perspectives on the average everyday events of my week. It seems like some people can pull extraordinary from ordinary really easily and I want that skill. Realistically, I’m not sure it’s actually easy for anyone. It’s just most people aren’t trying to do this every day. They’re writing when the creativity actually happens. So maybe this wasn’t a great idea. Maybe I’ll fill 30 pages worth of blog with nothing worth ever revisiting. Maybe some of you will read this and think I have zero talent and should really go back to my day job. That’s fine. I’m not for everyone.

Whatever happens, I’m fairly certain a lot of the rest of the posts will end up being what you find below. — a sort of stream of consciousness about my day.


What I have found is that I’m enjoying the challenge. Whether I think the final product is decent or not, I’m enjoying the process. Several times I’ve hit the publish button while my posts were still in their infancy, but I’ve made myself hit it because sometimes you just have to go for it, you know? A couple of these posts have started out as big ideas and ended as skeletons of my original thoughts… but they’re here. They’re posted and if I want to revisit and revise at some point, I can.

Last week I wrote about irrational things that scare me. This week I’m facing different fears. I can’t really write about them in detail, but I’m trying new things that will hopefully lead to big, fun opportunities. I’ve always been afraid of things I wanted too much. That’s my real biggest fear. I can write all day long about scary, dark basements or serial killers, but there’s nothing that terrifies me more than wanting something that might be out of reach. So I’m facing that fear. I’m going after something I’ve wanted more than maybe anything else in my whole life. God, that sounds cheesy… but hope is kind of a cheesy concept. It’s going to take practice. It’s going to take a whole lot of faux self confidence. It’s going to take some seriously hard work and maybe a little bit more of that cheesy hope… but I’m going for it. With the encouragement and advice from people I respect a lot, I’m going for it.

Honestly, I hope you’ll go for it too. Whatever it is… and if you need someone to play the cheerleader, hell, give me a call. I’m pretty good at finding things to celebrate in other people. There’s just no darn sense in being afraid of things you want. None at all.

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